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Facilities & TIMETABLES

Our facility is divided into distinct training zones in which we run our 4 signature programmes...


Plus we are now thrilled to offer YOGA, PILATES and STRETCH & MOBILISE sessions


Each giving you the opportunity to achieve specific results and with the flexibility to meet your training & lifestyle needs

SWEAT zone

Here we challenge you to be fitter, leaner & stronger with a combination of resistance training & interval training.

Using your own body weight, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and other fun equipment, we will provide a small group workout coached by amazing fitness professionals who will guide you every step of the way.

Expect personal training standards with the buzz and energy of a group workout.

battle ropes, fitness, kettlebells, slam balls, fitter

Strength zone

If you want to get lean and toned then effective resistance training sessions are a must.

Our strength zone allows everybody to safely increase the resistance used in order to accelerate results.


Be guided by our personal trainers in these small group sessions that will ensure you maintain great technique, make regular progress and above all enjoy safe & effective workouts! 


HYROX is the hottest new concept to sweep the world of fitness - workouts that get you fitter, faster.


A mix of cardio exercises (run, ski, row, burpee) and functional movements (lunge, wall balls, carries, sleds) to get you in peak condition.

Official HYROX Gym Instagram.jpg


Our Workout of the Week = our Watergate WOW

A high intensity, full body workout that focusses on high volume, variety, hard work and fun.  Expect a combination of movements that will get you fit, fast!

WEDS @ 19:15
personal training, weights, resistance training, strength, olympic weights
Child Pose


Whilst we love lifting weights, we also encourage you to focus on recovery, core strength, relaxation and the holistic side of fitness with our Yoga, Pilates and Stretch & Mobilise sessions

Gym Equipments

Personal Training

All the benefits of 1-2-1 personal training coupled with the motivation and camaraderie of a small group of like minded people

A maximum of 4 people per session with your own dedicated training 'pod' that has everything you need for an awesome session and to ensure results fast

For more information on our semi private PT sessions please contact us

Members Area

We know you come to us for great workouts but we also know you like to chill out and hang out with your workout buddies as well - feel free to do so in the areas set aside for you to sit back and relax, grab a coffee or protein shake and have a good chat!

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