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The Watergate Experience

Watergate Studios is ready to welcome you into an environment where we help you improve during every session, where your individual needs are met, and where you learn the fundamentals that will set you up for a healthy, active & energised life.

We achieve this in our small group sessions that give you one-to-one personal coaching coupled with the energy & motivation of a group workout!

Results are waiting for anyone who's ready to be helped

If you're ready to embrace and accept the knowledge, passion, and help we can provide you with, then be ready for the amazing results that you can experience


We believe in providing an environment and training sessions that allow you to be coached, to allow you to improve and allow you to feel safe and motivated while you are doing it


we are passionate about coaching, about helping you in every session and improving your understanding of what you need to do in order to be successful


we are here to help, guide & support - to lift up all those around us


everything we do to is driven by a desire to move you a step closer to your goals and to improve your client experience


training sessions, communication, facilities, equipment - we strive to provide top quality in everything we do

health club quality, personal passion

Watergate Studios @ the Exchange combines health club quality facilities with the personal passion of its coaching team that ensures you experience the best surroundings & the best results!

testimonial, social proof, results
testimonials, social proof, results
testimonials, social proof, results
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