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See below for how people like you have had great success and enjoyed their time with us



‘Before joining Watergate I had tried everything - numerous gyms, slimming world, silly fads and nothing ever changed.

For all my adult life I was size 12/14 (at the biggest in the photo size 16) with no confidence.

It completely knocked my mental health and I dreaded social situations. I would be getting ready with friends for an evening out and just randomly make an excuse to leave because I just felt so uncomfortable in myself. As soon as cameras were out and I saw a photo I didn’t like, that’s it, the night was ruined and I’d go home.

I almost accepted I would never change and I would feel like this forever. If I had an event I would always be looking for something that would hide this or that, when other girls my age were in beautiful outfits.

I decided to join Watergate by myself which was a huge step but I was so motivated by the sessions it naturally became part of my daily routine. I absolutely loved the way the team coached you, I was learning so much and achieving things I never thought I could.

I knew my eating habits were still all over the place so Greg started guiding me on nutritional advice as well as weekly weigh ins. I was desperate to give it my all, I was newly engaged and the thought of wedding photos and dress shopping terrified me. I didn’t set a goal just a mental one of to be able to enjoy all these things rather than avoid them!

results really started to show, since joining Watergate I’ve lost around 4 stone and now wear size 8.

My mindset is completely different, I feel the best I have ever felt. I’m motivated, full of energy, I want to socialise and go on girlie holidays which I avoided before. I feel like I’m finally living life rather than trying to avoid it!

Watergate has pushed me to become a better version of myself mentally and physically yet in the process I haven’t felt like I have missed out on anything. It’s gone from struggling to run around the block to planning marathons!

I’m so so grateful to the team and members at Watergate. It’s the best decision I have ever made 😊’ Congrats @chloesskidmore - an amazing body and life transformation!!! 💛💛💛



“I joined Watergate in April 2019 with my two daughters after hearing good things about Greg and the Studio

I had looked around another gym in Bridgwater but didn’t think it seemed welcoming, in fact it was rather intimidating, exactly the opposite to Watergate.

I had never lifted any weights before but soon found myself bench pressing and squatting like a pro!

During the last 5 months I have lost 18 lbs and two dress sizes and cannot believe the difference in my figure and general well-being.

I am fitter than I have been in the last 20 years and cannot thank the Watergate team enough for making the classes varied and interesting so we keep on coming back for more!

Thank you Watergate!”

Anonymous Member


‘I am a member of Watergate Studios. I would now describe myself as strong, confident and happy. Pre Watergate I was quiet, shy, felt frumpy moving into middle age.

I committed to attending 5 sessions a week, I never felt judged by the instructors or other members. They gave me the confidence to push myself in a safe environment, which gave me the belief that I could achieve.

I had tried other gyms, small and big corporate ones in the past, but they just didn't motivate me and they lacked personal interaction - Watergate gave me this motivation and personal interaction in abundance and it has worked for me.

18 months ago I reassessed. Inspired by Greg and other members, I wanted to push myself further. So I set myself some targets. I wanted to achieve some PB's with my running, reduce body fat, increase muscle definition and lift heavier.

Guided and encouraged by the Watergate team I did it! 5km PB, 10 mile PB and finally went sub 2hrs on my half marathon. Something I have dreamed of for years. But I smashed it 1hr 54 mins. That was a joyful day!

Body fat down from 33% to 17%. Dress size down from a 12 to a small 8. Definitely lifting the heavier weights.

These figures are just markers that show my progress, the unmeasurable benefits are greater - I have huge confidence, I am happy, I am strong, I can face lifes challenges, I am proud.’


'Classes are small enough 
to get technique support, but 
also big enough for a little 
friendly competitiveness'




Amazing place!

You are given the right support, by knowledgeable  trainers who are happy to answer questions

Week on week I am seeing the benefits like my strength increasing and fitness improving - I would highly recommend semi private PT sessions'

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