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Welcome to the studios

We can't wait to welcome you to Watergate Studios @ the Exchange where you will be  given the best chance to achieve your health & fitness goals with our mix of training options and our expert coaches


To provide expert, 1-2-1 coaching within small group workouts to ensure participants receive the help they need and get the results they want, in a safe, welcoming & inclusive environment!

Watergate Studios has been created to provide participants with a combination of the individual attention associated with personal training, and the energy & motivation experienced in group sessions!

This combination ensures a quicker, and safer way for you to make changes to your lifestyle, your body, and your mindset - all of which will ultimately get you the results you are looking for

The layout of Watergate gives you different training zones that provide different results - whether it's being fitter, stronger, healthier, or leaner, we can provide the right training programme that is best suited to your individual needs

We are all about coaching you - helping you to have great technique, helping you to understand what you need to do for great results, and helping you progress towards your goals

If you want to find out more about how we can help you, and to see how we are different to any 'normal' gym you have been to before, simply click the LEARN MORE button below

strength training, weights, olympic plates, weight racks


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